At last, I am putting together a web site to share my art. Please sign up for my email list to be notified when the sight is completed or come back regularly and watch the progress. Thanks for this first visit, and I look forward to your coming again….

It has been quite a journey to come to this place in time. I had always wanted to paint but had some serious misconceptions about my abilities. Thank goodness insight often comes if we live long enough!

After I hit the mid-century mark I finally started creating art, embracing what had been a lifelong desire. I see now how my very un-traditional life was perfect preparation for making art, having traveled extensively, viewed a wide array of incredible art while deeply experiencing life.

My art has developed from my beginnings of working with mixed media collage. A film changed my direction in art and I began painting the very next day, and within a short time I was back in my hometown of Los Angeles.

I am drawn to beauty and color, and have found that painting provides a vehicle to experience an inner harmony that is then expressed on canvas or wood or whatever materials I might have available. Periodically I return to mixed media work with my own photography, often of Los Angeles as I rediscover my city. Along with contemporary abstraction I am drawn to political art as we face crises all around us and I seek for ways to open conversations, minds and hearts.

Taking the path less traveled has lead to a lot of diversity in my art.

My initial leap into making art can be seen at Notice The Divine.com,  a line of greeting cards and art prints inspired by the divine.

Along the way I have written about sustainability at SmartLifeWays.com. Sadly, this blog has been neglected since I began painting, but I have high hopes for it to be resuscitated, along with a book about the impacts of our food choices.

I also was co-owner of an amazing and beautiful holistic healing center in Frankfurt, Germany where I taught yoga & meditation and was (and still am) a holistic life coach. You can take a peek at the center if you would like.

I also opened a coffee house/organic cafe way back in the early 90’s in Sedona, AZ. If you haven’t been to Sedona take a trip there… it’s absolutely gorgeous and a very powerful place.

A little bit about me, for now….

iPhone in hand, often taking pictures. This one is from the lovely city of Bordeaux, France.
iPhone in hand, often taking pictures. This one is from the lovely city of Bordeaux, France.