My First Show in Washington DC

I’m thrilled to be a part of the inaugural show at The Center for Contemporary Political Art in Washington DC. The Center is the nation’s first research institute and exhibition space devoted exclusively to the study and strategic use of the Art of Civic Engagement, the Center will provide a means for the nation’s artists to create and exhibit art that will enrage, engage, and better inform We The People about the most important and contentious issues facing the country today.

The Center of Contemporary Political Art was founded by Charles Krause, who received an Emmy Award for his reporting, as well as numerous other awards. Charles was lucky enough to grow up around the fine art that his parents collected and in 2011 he opened his first gallery in Washington DC with shows focused on The Art of Social and Political Change.

You can read about The Center’s bold mission here and its commitment to The Art of Civic Engagement.

The show, Defining the Art of Change In the Age of Trump is up until November 14, 2018.

916 G Street NW

Washington DC


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